Il Menu


Il Colonnino serves Typical Tuscan Cuisine. Guests can enjoy authentic dishes that rediscover the flavors and aromas of tradition; every dish is prepared with fresh materials from the territory, in compliance with the seasonality of products and the enhancement of local products that Tuscany offers.

At lunch the restaurant offers also a special fixed price menu!

"Mucco Pisano" Menù € 25,00   A tavola nel XIV secolo € 25,00
Pappardelle with ragout of Mucco (local organic beef)   Homemade Pasta with Sausages and Mushroom
Slice (300 gr) with vegetables   Mucco pisano Peposo to fornacina with Polenta from Garfagnana
Homemade Cake   Homemade Cake
Water, Wine, Coffee   Water, Wine, Coffee
Porcini Menù € 20,00   Vegetarian Menù € 20,00
Porcini Flan basket of Parmesan   Soup of the Farmer
Pappardelle with Porcini Mushrooms   Pecorino Flan with Balsamic reduction and the seasonal vegetables
Homemade Cake   Homemade Cake
Water, Wine, Coffee   Water, Wine, Coffee
Appetizers   Main Courses  
Thinly sliced Ameus beef marinated with dried Tomatoes, Arugula, Parmesan and Balsamic dressing € 15,00   Fiorentina Steak of Mucco (a hg) € 4,80  
Prosciutto with Figs Rosmarino, Balsamic Vinegar and Hazelnut puff € 10,00   Filetto di Mucco alla griglia con riduzione al Chianti € 20,00  
Tartara Mucco Pisano € 10,00   Filetto di Mucco al Tartufo € 22,00  
Farmer's platter of cold cuts with croutons € 15,00   Sliced steak little 300 gr € 15,00  
Pecorino flan with caramelized Pears to Chestnut Honey and Walnuts € 7,00   Sliced steak medium 500 gr € 22,00  
Porcini flan in Waffle Crisp Brioche bread with butter Chicken Liver and Caramelized figs € 7,00   Sliced steak big 800 gr € 36,00  
Brioche bread with butter Chicken Liver and Caramelized figs € 5,00   Sliced steak maxi 1500 gr
with Porcini (a portion)
with Patatoes(a portion)
€ 60,00
€ 4,00
€ 3,00
      Organic egg with truffle € 10,00  
      Pork tenderloin glazed with chestnut honey and balsamic vinegar € 12,00  
      Mucco pisano € 15,00  
      Braised in Chianti Pisano Mucco with Polenta botched € 12,00  
First Dishes   Side Dishes
(Potatoes, beans and vegetables )
€ 4,00
Ravioli with Meat Sauce Mucco € 10,00  
Ricotta Ravioli with Saffron cream € 10,00        
Pappardelle pasta with Mucco € 10,00        
Tissues Pasta with Porcini Mushrooms € 10,00        
Pici pasta with Cinta Senese meat white Sauce and Cinta Sausage € 12,00        
Noodles with Truffles € 18,00  
Spelt as Rice with Porcini Mushrooms € 8,00   Coffee € 2,00
Garfagnana spelled with toscanelli beans € 8,00   House wine € 10,00
Rice with caramelized leeks and sausage of Cinta Senese € 10,00   Water € 2,00  
Typical Italian soup with vegetables € 8,00   Place setting € 2,00