Il Colonnino

"Il Colonnino" Typical Restaurant with Tuscan Cuisine in Pisa, takes its name from a bollard, an archaeological originally Etruscan and Roman Handling dating back to 1400, which was found within the walls of the local after the renovation .

The atmosphere of this restaurant is warm and charming: the walls and the stone vaults and wine cellar dug into a deep wall, as if to recreate a cave, make an unique and friendly environment inside the local.

A Typical Tuscan Cuisine triumphs at the Restaurants. You can choose from traditional dishes prepared with care and using raw materials that are always fresh. When available, you must try the real Tagliata di Chianina, with the best meat comes from the neraby of Pisa.

Wine lovers can choose from a careful selection of Italian wines with a focus on the Tuscans' one. For true fans recommend taking a look at the bottles in the cellar view ... Il Colonnino has got a surprise for wine lovers!

Not only for dinner. "Il Colonnino" is also open for lunch, for a slight pause, at a fixed price or a la carte.